Giving Back

Giving back is part of our philosophy.

Z.A.ZEN embodies the principle that an organisation can only be successful if it positively impacts the society in which it operates and adds value to those within its sphere We are committed to translating our own business success into growth and greater opportunities for our associates, clients and other partner businesses.

Our values include:

We give back in three key areas; an export agency business to Japan that opens a market for over a hundred art and craft organisations, by bringing in younger partners to our consulting business and exposing them to larger areas of responsibility and challenging work, and by providing pro bono strategic assistance to non-profits and small businesses.

The Export Agency business to Japan started in 2002 with the concept of opening markets to hand-made South African products, and today has sold goods from over 100 different artisans, non-profits and small businesses in Southern Africa. We continue to assist with product development, export readiness and advice on how to maximise businesses. Some of the arts and crafts organisations we have opened markets to Japan include Africa Smiles, Senzokuhle Wire Baskets, Monkeybiz, Fancy Stitch, Tunga Embroideries, Kaross, Hillcrest AIDS Trust, Topsy Foundation, African Art Centre and many more, with a total of 120 different artisans, NGOs, community groups and others since 2002.

Z.A.ZEN is committed to partnering with young, up-and-coming businesses and brings in partners to its teams to help them gain experience. We proactively seek out new businesses and provide team members with exposure to bigger projects and responsibilities. Our consultants are often given projects that stretch their capabilities and the freedom in which to test and expand their capacity.

Giving back also means taking our own expertise and skillsets and helping others on a pro bono basis. Assisting non-profit organisations, mentoring new businesses and providing insights, thought processes and other advice to other entrepreneurs is a natural part of how we operate.